Sunday, January 19, 2014

Theyself, Theirself, Theirselves

Good people, Never, ever say or write "theyself"!

I heard Steve Harvey say this on television.

"Theirself, hisself, theirselves" are all equally unacceptable!

CORRECTION: Use "themselves" only when speaking of a group of people, when the action is reflexive.

EXAMPLE: The teenagers drove 'themselves' to the mall.

RATIONALE:  (Source:

pron. Chiefly Southern & South Midland U.S.

"Speakers of some vernacular American dialects, particularly in the South, may use the possessive reflexive form hisself instead of himself (as in He cut hisself shaving) and theirselves or theirself for themselves (as in They found theirselves alone). These forms reflect the tendency of speakers of vernacular dialects to regularize irregular patterns found in the corresponding standard variety."

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