Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't Get Offended, Get Better!

The purpose of this site is to assist everyone in improving their writing skills. Why? Because employers rank good communications skills (verbal and written) high on the list of preferred qualifications. 

Regardless of your educational or job skill level, you will not fare well in the job market if you do not speak well and if you cannot write grammatically sound emails, memos and other written documents.

Some companies 'secretly' use writing skills to weed candidates from consideration. Have you ever been asked to write a brief summary of your experience right there in front of the interviewer? Get ready!

In a recent interview, The Urban Grammar Lady had to write an entire speech in 30 minutes with very specific style instructions that was reviewed on the spot.

How comfortable would you feel in that situation? How confident are you about your writing abilities? 

Poor writing and speaking skills constrain minority groups from good educational and employment opportunities like none other in this country. Therefore, targeting minority populations with this site is very intentional.  

Instead of forming negative opinions about the 'urban' aspect of this site, review the tips, get help and get better!


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