Thursday, February 13, 2014

"Spunt" is not a word!

Once upon a time, The Urban Grammar Lady attempted to work at a call center between teaching jobs. A young, urban male in his late 20s was talking to another female co-worker when the lady's ears burned at what she heard, mid conversation:

Urban male:  " know they say spunt is a word.

Female Co-worker: "What?"

Urban male:  "Yeah, you know like, I done spunt all my money out my check."

This is where the lady had to intervene! The guy said this word was in the urban dictionary online.

After strongly admonishing him to ignore that stuff, the lady pondered ways to help others improve their language skills, and one year later, this website was born.

TIP:  Spunt is not the past tense of the verb spend!

Correction: spent.

Example:  I spent all of my money on groceries.

spend - present tense
spent - past tense

Speak well good people!

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  1. i just had this same convo with my baby momma and she crackin up cuz it went excatly that way. i say spunt all the time

    1. Wow, I'm really surprised that you found this blog! Please, stop saying 'spunt'! Lol! Find us on Facebook under urban grammar.

    2. Damn that dude is spunk be hell out