urban grammar book

Urban Grammar Quick Fixes

Rememorable or memorable? Sticked or stuck? Unlegal or illegal? Worser or worse? Learn commonly misused, misinterpreted, mispronounced or misspelled words and how to correct them according to standard English conventions. Remember, good communication begins with good grammar.

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student grammar book

Student Success Grammar Skills

Before students can write successful classroom assignments, they must know grammar. “Student Success Grammar Skills,” makes it easy for middle school, high school, college students and adult learners to improve their language and writing abilities.

In this book, students learn to effectively put words and phrases together before tackling essays, research papers, and other longer, written documents. Includes plain English explanations, knowledge checks, and chapter exercises to reinforce learning.

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Adult Learner Grammar Essentials

Learn to effectively correct the most common grammar errors encountered in academic and professional writing. With self-study quizzes, plain English explanations, and real-world examples, you will improve your grammar skills in just minutes a day. In addition to grammar fundamentals, learn to correct advanced grammar concerns, such as who versus whom, and whether or not to end a sentence with a preposition, including punctuation essentials. You will clearly understand how to apply good grammar usage to your everyday writing.

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